Gastronomy and culture

A sense of origin: Sorbonne lectures of the HEG program

In memory of Dr. Sidney Mintz

Is gastronomy only an experience of food? A Norman example

A celebration of rice

La Chandeleur: the festival of crêpes

My first cheese

t'oh haa they say...

Measuring food tendencies: program lecture on culture and food habits

My story of red chili peppers

Strawberries and cream

The king of fragrances

The Engadiner Nusstorte

"Kari", South India and a Festival

Buckwheat: shaping a regional French tradition and helping an allergy

Soup, another culture and a binding memory

A soup that tells different stories

A milk, sugar and rice tradition

Calling out to the birds

Is it just duck?

Eggs and colonial India

Dosai, a south Indian contribution to world gastronomy

A vacation in southeastern India

How do you use your hard apple cider?


Cracking open bones

A vegetable skin recipe


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