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Sugar must have been produced and consumed in India as early as the Vedic ages (c 800 BC) since  it is mentioned in the literature from that time period1. Western historians mention that sugar was exported from India in the eighth and ninth centuries2. Jaggery, or unrefined sugar derived from sugar cane or palm, is a form in which sugar has been consumed in India, more so during ancient times but also to an extent in contemporary society. Growing-up, I remember parts of the store-room in the house smelling of jaggery. It was a distinct smell, deep and rich, and quite unlike that of refined white sugar. The smell would become stronger on festive occasions when the airtight lid covering the jaggery container was opened and pieces of jaggery were shaved off of a big solid block, to melt in a pan over heat, enroute to sweetening any number of desserts.


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